Hi there, how’s everybody doing? The Veggienator here, glad to check back in after a fairly long absence. In the meantime, the Gamechangers documentary got released and as a result, a lot of people started considering switching to a plant-based diet. I have also noticed on social media that a lot of big bodybuilder dudes started getting away from the toxic meathead mentality that you need 300 grams of animal protein a day and started asking for help on vegan bodybuilding pages and online groups. I find this amazing, I came from the same place almost five years ago and I’m glad I did because eating a high protein omnivorous diet is a disaster on long term, while having a well-planned plant-based whole foods diet is a true blessing, as it gives you all the resources needed in order to achieve top performance but the difference is that at the same time you will stay in perfect health, without the long term risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease or certain type of lifestyle-induced cancers. However what I notice is that(just like I did in the beginning), a lot of these people usually focus on the wrong thing, focus on details like individual nutrients instead of foods, or they get generally lost in the process. This is unnecessary and time-consuming since the whole process of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle should really be easy and enjoyable. This being said, I am excited to skip straight to the point and encourage everybody that knows somebody that needs help to transition to veganism and achieve great results in the process, to send them my way for a FREE CONSULTATION. On top of that, I will run a promotion for a limited period of time, where I am going to charge only 50 dollars(Canadian) for the first month of one coaching. No strings attached, money paid upfront, no obligation to sign up for a long term package at the end of the promotional month(however this is my goal, to get long term clients that I could help with all their goals). What does that include?
  • One free 30 minute consultation where I listen to what bothers people so that I come with a plan to fix the problem
  • Two one on one coaching sessions over the phone, Skype or in person with locals
  • Free grocery lists, checklists, handouts and all the resources necessary to achieve success
  • Advice on workouts, exercise selection and execution etc
  • Working together with the client to make a custom diet plan
  • Whatever it takes to help the client achieve his/her goal
What you need to know about me and why am I trying so hard to make a difference:
  1. I am not making sales, I am trying to help and empower humans
  2. I am vegan for the animals and the planet first and I realize that the more people I change, the more I help with the cause
  3. I started working out 22 years ago in 1997 and since then all of my life revolved around health and fitness
  4. I am a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach and I studied one year to get my diploma; I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from back home in Romania with a 6 month Scholarship at “Universite De Rouen” in France
  5. I won’t settle until I reach my true potential as a leader in the field and until every one of my customers gets to their final goals!

Feel free to share my website www.veggienator.ca and follow me on social media. I am happy to chat and answer any questions people might have.

Have a great day and I hope to chat soon!

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