I am attributing my lack of activity lately to not only a lack of inspiration but also the fact that I have been switching jobs(my other activities come after a long day of work), and my well-deserved vacation that lasted for 2 weeks. My wife and I left Vancouver on a big ass cruise ship Royal Caribbean’s Ovation Of the Seas and after a long voyage at sea we visited the Hawaiian Islands and then we stayed for 2 more days in Honolulu on our own.

What a great vacation, except the fact that the vegan food options on the ship were somewhat boring as I guess most of their clientele was the old people that would pop a few heart disease pills before eating as much meat as possible and the huge variety of desserts available(it is not an exaggeration, I have seen them doing that). Regardless, all the management and the staff was amazingly helpful in trying to make sure we get the food we need and we are happy. Overall, I found it hard to exercise to make up for the amount of food that I ate so I would walk around with a full stomach no matter what I did.

Hawaii was pretty awesome and except the fact that we almost drowned in Maui at our first contact with some fairly small but powerful waves, and the people were a little bit less friendly than they are here in Canada(even if, I swear, sometimes I feel like everybody is a jerk here, in the Vancouver area), it was gorgeous. Of course, you also had to be careful with the sun, since you wouldn’t be able to be exposed to the crazy heat for longer than 30 seconds without being turned to ash(and I am definitely a guy that loves heat), I was amazed seeing chickens running around the public areas, all kinds of tropical birds chirping in the trees and tiny geckos warming up on the rocks. Nice smelling flowers like the Plumeria, the tall coconut trees and the short pineapple plants we have seen on plantations, the tall sugar cane fields, the thick and diverse jungle that was spreading all over. I was delighted to find bunches of guava trees full of fruit in the middle of nowhere, as well as a huge and fresh avocado that fell on the ground so I just ripped it open and ate it on the spot.

What fascinated me the most was to watch the so-called “spinner dolphins” jumping out of the water and spinning in the air, as well as a bunch of tropical fish and also the huge sea turtles, that I had the once in a lifetime chance to swim next to. I also picked some fishing line from the ocean, really close from the turtles and it made me think what an idiot I have been for not knowing any better and causing such damage to the habitat by fishing in the past. It would have been so easy for those sea creatures to get tangled in that fishing line and die, how irresponsible is it to fish and interfere with such a pristine ecosystem this way! I will now stop here and leave the pictures to speak for themselves now! Ciao

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