Happy 2020 Everybody!

Well, first of all, I have to admit that I am glad 2019 ended, for me, it was kind of a weird year with a lot more challenges than I expected. First of all, I injured my back and it turned out that I have a lot of discs in my spine that are not in great shape and they won’t get better. That came with a lot of pain and a hurt ego because I can’t show off in the gym by lifting more than those 18-20 something-year-old kids. The worst of all things is that this year I have lost both my beloved pet ferrets, Mootzy and Panda, which have been part of our family for over 7 years. Also, I have tried so hard to make my coaching business explode in 2019, however, every night I would go to bed disappointed and having the feeling that I will never progress, that I am not good enough and that other people make it happen while I stagnate.

This is the truth and I am being totally transparent because I can’t stand all those people that I see on social media trying to depict a fake image of themselves, as always in control, always successful and confident. I personally think this is BS and a sign of vanity and lack of confidence. I would rather expose myself the way I am because I am same as everybody else and I probably screw up more then I succeed, but this is normal and part of the process. It is a natural path to progress.

On the other hand, it took me a while to also acknowledge the positive aspects of 2019:

-my and the rest of my family are in good health with no major issues

-I had a great(but pricey) vacation on a nice cruise ship to Hawaii

-I started a new full-time job that I enjoy as a Fire Prevention Apprentice and soon will start schooling to become a Technician

-I have reached my goal to publish a short e-book on Amazon and here it is

Ten Easy Recipes to become a Lean Mean Vegan Machine

-I started painting again(I used to create abstract art but I gave up years ago)

-I have opened an Etsy store where I can sell my art: TheCrazyArtistDesign

-I am working on opening some more e-commerce stores where I will sell clothing and other merchandise featuring vegan messages

-I am creating job opportunities as I have already hired people to help me with my projects

I know that New Year resolutions don’t work, as we do not need to wait for a new year to start new goals. We need to keep progressing every single day, as life is unpredictable and we can’t turn back time. However, I have my own goals for this year- I am not only writing them down(by the way, writing down goals is super important) and thinking about them while hoping for the best, but I am also acting upon them. I am soon turning 38 and I don’t want to wait around and see what happens, I am setting my mind in such a way so that I do whatever it takes to get the job done and keep progressing.

I am so happy that I have found a new way to cook healthy vegan foods. I spend quite some time in the kitchen and I try to cook vegan foods that are not boring but are healthy and nutritionally balanced. I got a great new present from my parents. It is an early Christmas gift because my wife and I couldn’t wait for long since we found out about the air fryer thing everybody was talking about. After a couple of days of looking around and finding that some places were sold out, we eventually went with the Power Air Fryer XL. Reasonably priced at 100 Canadian Dollars and having a good size, the air fryer turned out to be great at making fries. Because this is all we made for a whole week until now, when I decided to write about it here and cook new delicious vegan foods with it. But the truth is that one thing that I love is french fries, however they are not healthy since they are full of oil, which I avoid like plague and I use some oil in salads or while cooking very very rarely. With the air fryer I can eat as many fries as I can without feeling like crap because of all the highly inflammatory vegetable oil in regular fries. Also, I cook in bulk at the end of each week, so my favorite kitchen appliances are my high speed blender, my pressure cooker and now my air fryer too. As you can see from the pictures, the foods I made look pretty good, and I can assure you that they taste great too and they are as healthy as they can get. I will offer recipes for what I cooked in different posts some other time. The only concern I have with this type of cooking is that when you cook carbohydrates at high temperatures with a dry cooking method, compounds called acrylamide are produced, which are harmful to us, so I will try to keep the fries down to a minimum of a couple of times a week for this very reason. Now it’s time for me to go and enjoy some of these delicious healthy vegan foods that I have just made. See you next time!
My new air fryer for cooking healthy vegan foods
Healthy vegan meal prep

Air Fried BBQ Sauce Tofu

Air Fried Tofu with salt and pepper


Air Fried potato wedges

Hi there, how’s everybody doing? The Veggienator here, glad to check back in after a fairly long absence. In the meantime, the Gamechangers documentary got released and as a result, a lot of people started considering switching to a plant-based diet. I have also noticed on social media that a lot of big bodybuilder dudes started getting away from the toxic meathead mentality that you need 300 grams of animal protein a day and started asking for help on vegan bodybuilding pages and online groups. I find this amazing, I came from the same place almost five years ago and I’m glad I did because eating a high protein omnivorous diet is a disaster on long term, while having a well-planned plant-based whole foods diet is a true blessing, as it gives you all the resources needed in order to achieve top performance but the difference is that at the same time you will stay in perfect health, without the long term risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease or certain type of lifestyle-induced cancers. However what I notice is that(just like I did in the beginning), a lot of these people usually focus on the wrong thing, focus on details like individual nutrients instead of foods, or they get generally lost in the process. This is unnecessary and time-consuming since the whole process of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle should really be easy and enjoyable. This being said, I am excited to skip straight to the point and encourage everybody that knows somebody that needs help to transition to veganism and achieve great results in the process, to send them my way for a FREE CONSULTATION. On top of that, I will run a promotion for a limited period of time, where I am going to charge only 50 dollars(Canadian) for the first month of one coaching. No strings attached, money paid upfront, no obligation to sign up for a long term package at the end of the promotional month(however this is my goal, to get long term clients that I could help with all their goals). What does that include?
  • One free 30 minute consultation where I listen to what bothers people so that I come with a plan to fix the problem
  • Two one on one coaching sessions over the phone, Skype or in person with locals
  • Free grocery lists, checklists, handouts and all the resources necessary to achieve success
  • Advice on workouts, exercise selection and execution etc
  • Working together with the client to make a custom diet plan
  • Whatever it takes to help the client achieve his/her goal
What you need to know about me and why am I trying so hard to make a difference:
  1. I am not making sales, I am trying to help and empower humans
  2. I am vegan for the animals and the planet first and I realize that the more people I change, the more I help with the cause
  3. I started working out 22 years ago in 1997 and since then all of my life revolved around health and fitness
  4. I am a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach and I studied one year to get my diploma; I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from back home in Romania with a 6 month Scholarship at “Universite De Rouen” in France
  5. I won’t settle until I reach my true potential as a leader in the field and until every one of my customers gets to their final goals!

Feel free to share my website www.veggienator.ca and follow me on social media. I am happy to chat and answer any questions people might have.

Have a great day and I hope to chat soon!

I am attributing my lack of activity lately to not only a lack of inspiration but also the fact that I have been switching jobs(my other activities come after a long day of work), and my well-deserved vacation that lasted for 2 weeks. My wife and I left Vancouver on a big ass cruise ship Royal Caribbean’s Ovation Of the Seas and after a long voyage at sea we visited the Hawaiian Islands and then we stayed for 2 more days in Honolulu on our own.

What a great vacation, except the fact that the vegan food options on the ship were somewhat boring as I guess most of their clientele was the old people that would pop a few heart disease pills before eating as much meat as possible and the huge variety of desserts available(it is not an exaggeration, I have seen them doing that). Regardless, all the management and the staff was amazingly helpful in trying to make sure we get the food we need and we are happy. Overall, I found it hard to exercise to make up for the amount of food that I ate so I would walk around with a full stomach no matter what I did.

Hawaii was pretty awesome and except the fact that we almost drowned in Maui at our first contact with some fairly small but powerful waves, and the people were a little bit less friendly than they are here in Canada(even if, I swear, sometimes I feel like everybody is a jerk here, in the Vancouver area), it was gorgeous. Of course, you also had to be careful with the sun, since you wouldn’t be able to be exposed to the crazy heat for longer than 30 seconds without being turned to ash(and I am definitely a guy that loves heat), I was amazed seeing chickens running around the public areas, all kinds of tropical birds chirping in the trees and tiny geckos warming up on the rocks. Nice smelling flowers like the Plumeria, the tall coconut trees and the short pineapple plants we have seen on plantations, the tall sugar cane fields, the thick and diverse jungle that was spreading all over. I was delighted to find bunches of guava trees full of fruit in the middle of nowhere, as well as a huge and fresh avocado that fell on the ground so I just ripped it open and ate it on the spot.

What fascinated me the most was to watch the so-called “spinner dolphins” jumping out of the water and spinning in the air, as well as a bunch of tropical fish and also the huge sea turtles, that I had the once in a lifetime chance to swim next to. I also picked some fishing line from the ocean, really close from the turtles and it made me think what an idiot I have been for not knowing any better and causing such damage to the habitat by fishing in the past. It would have been so easy for those sea creatures to get tangled in that fishing line and die, how irresponsible is it to fish and interfere with such a pristine ecosystem this way! I will now stop here and leave the pictures to speak for themselves now! Ciao

Crap that people say about veganism

Nowadays, There are a lot of misconceptions around being vegan. Considered craziness decades ago, being vegan still holds some stigma. Why? Mainly because people are reluctant to change, then because the industries are powerful and since the growth of veganism, they started losing income and therefore they work hard trying to discredit the movement. Also, there are ignorant people and that includes certain health experts and even medical doctors, who are against veganism. But this is ridiculous because this is a diet that has been shown to reverse type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer. Here are some misconceptions about veganism that people still spread:

Vegan Diets Are Not Healthy

Considering that this should be the default diet since it reverses heart disease and type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, and also some of the world biggest medical and dieticians associations consider it safe for every stage of life, it’s obvious that a well planned vegan diet  is better than any other eating pattern

Veganism is Boring

Maybe decades ago it was. But now you have to be blind to not see all the amazing and tasty products that get thrown on the market every day. However, keep in mind that boring equals healthy.

Vegans are too Preachy

This is mostly what people whose conscience started bothering them say. We are preachy because nobody should have the choice of life and death over other animals. Have they watched cruelty videos? Give me a break! And also nobody should have the right to destroy the planet for a bite of steak since we all live here

You Need to Take Supplements as a Vegan

Except vitamin B12, which is necessary because our food sources lack it because of over sanitation, and maybe vitamin D in climates where people are not exposed to the sun too much during the year, a well planned vegan diet offers plenty of nutrition. And it is mostly non-vegans that take vitamins, protein powders and such. Also from personal experience, I can confirm that there are mostly omnivores that are found with nutrient deficiencies.

Vegans are Skinny

No, there are fat vegans and there are skinny vegans and there are muscular vegans. On average vegans have a lower BMI which is a good thing, but there are vegan athletes that compete in bodybuilding, powerlifting, MMA. I currently weight 245 pounds at 6 feet2 inches of height and fourteen percent body fat. I must be pretty big since everybody keeps asking me ”How the hell are you so big as a vegan” or “how do you get proteins

Vegans Should Not Push Their Beliefs On Us

Well, except that your beliefs involve that animals are inferior beings and they don’t deserve to be treated with care and respect, they don’t deserve to live and instead, they should be treated as commodities and end up as a leather jacket and a piece of steak. This is why we fight for their rights

I Will Never Be Vegan Simply Because These Militant Vegans Annoy Me So Much

Yes, nice try! You are such a good person on the inside but here you found an excuse to keep hurting animals. Well, actually people who took action against injustice were the ones to make changes during history. Otherwise, we would still have a Nazi Holocaust going on, we would still have slavery, women won’t have the right to vote and the list goes on. So the vegan movement will become part of history and decades from now will be mentioned as the movement that saved the planet, from the times where “they used to eat animals”.

So no, it is not us that are the problem, it is everybody else that thinks that “God put animals here for us”; “we are smarter than animals and so we don’t care if we eat them”, “if God didn’t want us to eat animals, then why are they made of meat”, “mmm, bacon”, “animals are stupid, I mean they don’t even try to run away when you try to kill them”; “I care for animals but they are so tasty though”…

I will stop here for now and leave you with some food for thought. Until next week stay healthy, stay vegan!

What’s going on, Beautiful People?

Today I am coming with a recipe on my blog. This weekend my mom maybe thought that I was too skinny and she made a bunch of donuts for my wife and myself. I mean I can’t complain, however, the problem is that since I currently don’t have any specific goal to look super good or lean, I indulge a bit too much. And this is not something bad in general, as a restriction, most of the times will cause my brain to get into emergency mode and think I am starving, so I often end up hungry and falling off the wagon pretty fast. Enjoying life is not that bad as long as you keep it under control and you actually know what you’re doing. Enough with this BS now Let’s get to the point!

Vegan Baked Donuts Recipe


-17.5 oz. white flour

-8.8 oz coconut or soy milk

-1 oz. yeast

-2.5 oz. brown sugar

-2 oz. coconut oil

-dash of salt

-1 teaspoon cinnamon


*Mix the yeast with one tablespoon sugar and about 2 oz. warm milk. Let sit for 10-15 minutes. Mix the flour with the rest of sugar, salt, cinnamon, oil, the yeast and mix with the warm milk and knead until it becomes a consistent dough. Let sit for one hour and cover with a wet towel. After one hour, roll with a rolling pin until it comes to a thickness of 0.6 to 0.8 inch. Make the donuts by pressing a water glass face down to cut into the dough and make the hole with a shot glass. Take the donuts and let them sit for 15 more minutes covered with a wet towel. Heat the oven at 350 F or 180 C. Lay the vegan donuts in a pan on baking paper and bake for 15 minutes. Take out when ready, wet a little bit and sprinkle brown sugar, crushed walnuts or coconut flakes.

Bon appetit!

Vegan Baked Donuts 

Now to make things easier for new vegans, I have compiled a list of a rule that will help adapt and make things more manageable:

  1. Not a Diet

The first step is to realize this is not a “diet” and you have to commit to a lifestyle change. people fear change and the unknown, but in the end it will pay off

  1. No Rush

In order to succeed, you have to give yourself time and do not do rush things- lasting changes require patience

  1. Research

Get educated-there is tons of information out there-good and bad. what i suggest is use your mind and heart and be selective-choose what is common sense information shared by experts that you feel you can resonate with and have the same goals as you

  1. Make a Plan

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” is a quote attributed to benjamin franklin. write it down! at least put down your final goal and steps you will take to achieve it. in the end you will!

  1. Be a Part of Change-For a Better World

Take care of all aspects of veganism- whether you became vegan for the animals, the environment or your own health, make sure you do not only focus on one aspect only. for example ethical vegans sometime eat a lot of junk food(vegan junk) which can make them unhealthy or overweight and this is not beneficial. on the other hand those who became vegans for health purposes often get too strict with their diet and follow different niches of veganism and end up with deficiencies that eventually make them quit veganism and this is not beneficial at all to themselves or the movement

  1. Be Open-Minded, Accept New Challenges, Enjoy the Unusual Until it Becomes Usual

Don’t be too strict when you make the transition- that means enjoy the vegan equivalents of foods that you loved before. you like ice cream? pizza? no worries, you can have it as long as you get away from animal foods in the meantime. too much restriction in the transition phase often leads to failure. however…

  1. Whole Food Plant-Based Diet-Healthy Lifestyle

Once comfortable with vegan food, consider switching to a whole food plant based diet with carefully planned cheat days if you wish(where you can have vegan junk food). this is the only way that you can prevent diseases that plague our society today.

  1. Walk the Walk

Don’t be too preachy if you do not follow your own rules; feel good, look good and be educated on a subject when you are talking about veganism to other people. it’s simple- others will notice how good or young you look and how intelligent you are and well informed on this subject and they will make the connection in their subcontient-“damn, those vegans look so healthy”

  1. Give Yourself Some Credit and Don’t Be Too Harsh on Yourself

It is hard to live as a vegan in a society that is mostly reluctant to it. sometimes you feel hopeless, depressed or feel that you don’t make a difference. but it’s not true! you might not save all the animals at once but you have saved many of them by not eating them. and maybe somebody else is going to become vegan because of you-you are a pioneer in this amazing movement that is gaining more and more momentum

  1. Ask For Help

If you are stuck, don’t be afraid to look for help- free or not, there are a lot of like minded people out there- other more experience vegans, animal right activists, trainers, coaches, nutritionists. people will help if you ask for help. after all it is for a noble cause! if you are stuck, don’t hesitate to go to my website www.veggienator.ca and ask for help as well.

Wow, what a weekend we had! At a brand new VEGAN festival here in Vancouver, Canada, in a busy park by the ocean! The Vegan festival had over 70 vendors selling food, apparel and other vegan lifestyle items.

Hundreds of people attended and many of them were non-vegans, from the surrounding areas that came to take a look. I am sure that they liked the food. Anyway, it was great to meet and recognize some of my 3000 Facebook Friends and be recognized by some of them as well; it’s nice to connect this way, in real life, and not just waste time on social media cursing animal abusers and plotting on how to destroy the meat and dairy industries.

Do you know what you notice when you go to a vegan event like these? That, regardless of their diet preferences(some vegans including myself tend to like vegan sweets and junk foods once in a while)-vegans will look fit, vibrant and healthy. I am sorry to say this and it is just an anecdote, however, studies have shown major health benefits when compared to people eating an omnivore diet.

After getting some irresistible foods like rice with some sort of a lentil stew from the Caribbeans and 6 vegan donuts of different varieties that were so sweet and delicious that I had to eat them all-I mean I had them shared with my mom and wife as well, we went to stay in line to get a photo with famous animal right activist James Aspey from Australia. I met him before and he is an awesome dude and a hero if you ask me. After he made me feel like a million dollars by admiring my 245 lb physique and calling me a “vegan beast” in a short video I took with him, I handed him some of my business cards and asked him to get them to people he converts to veganism, when they ask him about nutrition. I would love to take some pressure off of him and deal with people that want to convert so that I can feel a little bit important as well and do my part by paying back to the animals and the planet. I actually feel honoured for just meeting people like this, that do so much for the vegan movement. I also feel honoured for meeting so many awesome people that have decided one day that the life of an animal was worth more than the pleasure produced by eating a steak.

I’m going to end it here before I start getting too sentimental, but before I end this I want to say I love you, vegans, everywhere for making the world a better place. This is just the beginning!

With my wife Nicoleta and James Aspey

With my wife Nicoleta and James Aspey