Crap that people say about veganism

Nowadays, There are a lot of misconceptions around being vegan. Considered craziness decades ago, being vegan still holds some stigma. Why? Mainly because people are reluctant to change, then because the industries are powerful and since the growth of veganism, they started losing income and therefore they work hard trying to discredit the movement. Also, there are ignorant people and that includes certain health experts and even medical doctors, who are against veganism. But this is ridiculous because this is a diet that has been shown to reverse type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer. Here are some misconceptions about veganism that people still spread:

Vegan Diets Are Not Healthy

Considering that this should be the default diet since it reverses heart disease and type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, and also some of the world biggest medical and dieticians associations consider it safe for every stage of life, it’s obvious that a well planned vegan diet  is better than any other eating pattern

Veganism is Boring

Maybe decades ago it was. But now you have to be blind to not see all the amazing and tasty products that get thrown on the market every day. However, keep in mind that boring equals healthy.

Vegans are too Preachy

This is mostly what people whose conscience started bothering them say. We are preachy because nobody should have the choice of life and death over other animals. Have they watched cruelty videos? Give me a break! And also nobody should have the right to destroy the planet for a bite of steak since we all live here

You Need to Take Supplements as a Vegan

Except vitamin B12, which is necessary because our food sources lack it because of over sanitation, and maybe vitamin D in climates where people are not exposed to the sun too much during the year, a well planned vegan diet offers plenty of nutrition. And it is mostly non-vegans that take vitamins, protein powders and such. Also from personal experience, I can confirm that there are mostly omnivores that are found with nutrient deficiencies.

Vegans are Skinny

No, there are fat vegans and there are skinny vegans and there are muscular vegans. On average vegans have a lower BMI which is a good thing, but there are vegan athletes that compete in bodybuilding, powerlifting, MMA. I currently weight 245 pounds at 6 feet2 inches of height and fourteen percent body fat. I must be pretty big since everybody keeps asking me ”How the hell are you so big as a vegan” or “how do you get proteins

Vegans Should Not Push Their Beliefs On Us

Well, except that your beliefs involve that animals are inferior beings and they don’t deserve to be treated with care and respect, they don’t deserve to live and instead, they should be treated as commodities and end up as a leather jacket and a piece of steak. This is why we fight for their rights

I Will Never Be Vegan Simply Because These Militant Vegans Annoy Me So Much

Yes, nice try! You are such a good person on the inside but here you found an excuse to keep hurting animals. Well, actually people who took action against injustice were the ones to make changes during history. Otherwise, we would still have a Nazi Holocaust going on, we would still have slavery, women won’t have the right to vote and the list goes on. So the vegan movement will become part of history and decades from now will be mentioned as the movement that saved the planet, from the times where “they used to eat animals”.

So no, it is not us that are the problem, it is everybody else that thinks that “God put animals here for us”; “we are smarter than animals and so we don’t care if we eat them”, “if God didn’t want us to eat animals, then why are they made of meat”, “mmm, bacon”, “animals are stupid, I mean they don’t even try to run away when you try to kill them”; “I care for animals but they are so tasty though”…

I will stop here for now and leave you with some food for thought. Until next week stay healthy, stay vegan!

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