Personalized Approach

I individualize the plan to fit your specific goals, challenges, and lifestyle. This helps clients that struggle with excess weight, low energy, digestive problems, muscle building, so as to achieve long term health, while looking and feeling great.

I also offer a wide range of options for people who have different goals, levels of commitment as well as financial positions. However, the main goal is to educate and motivate people so that they can build a healthy relationship with food, while learning from past mistakes and adjusting the nutrition to what is best for you.

Lasting Change

I understand that changing your relationship with food requires more than just willpower or knowledge. Through education, emotional support, and specific tools around shifting habits, I help you learn HOW to make the changes you want in your life — and in a way that will last.

Eating for these goals can be fun, rewarding and tasty.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.


What I can do for you

Weight Loss

As a Nutrition Coach, I can help you adjust your eating habits.

Increased Energy

Whether it’s stress or digestion, I’ll help you identify a food-based solution.

Healthy Living

I help you focus and direct your energy toward an achievable daily plan – for life!

Customized for You

You have unique goals and needs. It’s very difficult to get results from pre-packaged programs.

Simple Schedule

I ensure all scheduled coaching sessions fit your schedule.

Real Lasting Results

I’ll help you commit and stick with your program – for lasting results!

Service Plans

My 3-Step Approach

First: I get as much info as I can from you when filling in the initial consultation sheet (eg – your age, weight, height, what you like to do, level of activities, what you like eating, what makes you happy, and how much you enjoy beer, wine and chocolate).

Second: I then evaluate your food selection and try to slowly adjust any nutritional imbalances and wrongful supplement use etc.

Third: I guide you towards what is the best approach for you, healthy food sources, supplements (if needed) while keeping your preferences into account and working towards your ultimate goal.

One time Plan…

After our initial consultation, I help develop an initial diet plan overview, including a healthy grocery list.

And for those who are local, we go on a grocery store tour (90 minutes in duration), completed with an explanation, insight and education on healthier, personalized food choices. We also go over how to fully read and understand food labels, as well as how to save ‘lots of money’ on your grocery bills!

NOTE: there is no follow-up or any ongoing support.

Long term plans


  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 12 months

Included in any of these plans are custom designed diet plans, completed research on different food items if required, as well as continuous education process and feedback on what healthier options are available and why. Further, I provide bi-weekly follow ups via email.

NOTE: Discounts available on renewals on long term plans.


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