Happy 2020 Everybody!

Well, first of all, I have to admit that I am glad 2019 ended, for me, it was kind of a weird year with a lot more challenges than I expected. First of all, I injured my back and it turned out that I have a lot of discs in my spine that are not in great shape and they won’t get better. That came with a lot of pain and a hurt ego because I can’t show off in the gym by lifting more than those 18-20 something-year-old kids. The worst of all things is that this year I have lost both my beloved pet ferrets, Mootzy and Panda, which have been part of our family for over 7 years. Also, I have tried so hard to make my coaching business explode in 2019, however, every night I would go to bed disappointed and having the feeling that I will never progress, that I am not good enough and that other people make it happen while I stagnate.

This is the truth and I am being totally transparent because I can’t stand all those people that I see on social media trying to depict a fake image of themselves, as always in control, always successful and confident. I personally think this is BS and a sign of vanity and lack of confidence. I would rather expose myself the way I am because I am same as everybody else and I probably screw up more then I succeed, but this is normal and part of the process. It is a natural path to progress.

On the other hand, it took me a while to also acknowledge the positive aspects of 2019:

-my and the rest of my family are in good health with no major issues

-I had a great(but pricey) vacation on a nice cruise ship to Hawaii

-I started a new full-time job that I enjoy as a Fire Prevention Apprentice and soon will start schooling to become a Technician

-I have reached my goal to publish a short e-book on Amazon and here it is

Ten Easy Recipes to become a Lean Mean Vegan Machine

-I started painting again(I used to create abstract art but I gave up years ago)

-I have opened an Etsy store where I can sell my art: TheCrazyArtistDesign

-I am working on opening some more e-commerce stores where I will sell clothing and other merchandise featuring vegan messages

-I am creating job opportunities as I have already hired people to help me with my projects

I know that New Year resolutions don’t work, as we do not need to wait for a new year to start new goals. We need to keep progressing every single day, as life is unpredictable and we can’t turn back time. However, I have my own goals for this year- I am not only writing them down(by the way, writing down goals is super important) and thinking about them while hoping for the best, but I am also acting upon them. I am soon turning 38 and I don’t want to wait around and see what happens, I am setting my mind in such a way so that I do whatever it takes to get the job done and keep progressing.

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